Picking up an old project

Making Of / 10 May 2020

Picking up an old project in my spare time...Texture and modeling are both WIP. 

VR Skull Study

General / 20 November 2019
A recent skull study in anticipation of an upcoming Oculus Medium demo at the Rochester institute of technology. Scroll down for some process time-lapse videos.

After Gathering reference, I blocked out the skull in Oculus Medium.  You can see a short timelapse of this process here:

Once the primary forms were blocked out, I started to add rudimentary details to the skull as shown here:

Next, I exported the skull to Zbrush, where I did a quick Zremesh, UV master, projection and surface Noise treatment.  Here is what the skull looked like at the end of that process:

Next, I dropped the new geometry off to Substance Painter, where I did a quick texture bake, and added some bone-line materials to make skull feel older.  From there, I dropped the low-res model and textures in to Marmoset Tool bag where I lit and did the final shading for this study.  Here is a turntable from marmoset:


Finally, I exported a GTTF file from Marmoset Toolbag to import in to my Oculus home.  This method allows for an export of the model and textures at a reasonable resolution for real-time display in your Oculus Home.

3D & 2D reference material in Oculus Medium

General / 13 November 2019

A method for utilizing 2D or 3D material in Oculus Medium (or any Oculus Application!). Thanks to Sasha Menscikova and Natasha Murray for showing me this! Follow them at: instagram.com/sasha.me_/ and instagram.com/natasham911/ 

10 minute tutorial -- Marmoset lighting setup...

General / 30 October 2019

A tutorial showing one way to approach theatrical lighting in Marmoset tool bag.  Each video is a minute or less, and the entire setup can be done in about 10 minutes.  You can use these exact steps in a lot of different programs, but since I used Marmoset for this project, it's what I made the tutorial in.   Thanks for checking it out...

Goblin WIP update...

General / 12 October 2019

Look Dev testing for the skin. Trying different lighting scenarios and distances from camera to make sure things are reading well. Sculpted in Zbrush, retopoed/UVed in Maya, textured in Substance and lit in Marmoset Toolbag. Very much WIP. Music from Big Daddy Kane's Tiny Desk from youtube. 

An old video I cut together

General / 02 October 2019

Years ago, I cut together clips from interviews with artists I admired.  I like to listen to this from time to time.  Figured I'd share it here.

Goblin Demo

General / 28 September 2019

Next month, I'm doing a demonstration at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  I'm going to be demonstrating a process for blocking out creatures in Zbrush and taking them through to a production ready game mesh with textures in substance painter.  I'll be dumping process videops here.  Here are the first two:

More old Tutorials...

General / 02 May 2019

More old tutorials for a Substance Painter and Marmoset Workflow for a project we did in class.  The first video is about setting up a mini pipeline, and the second video is about painting, material development and iteration. 

Basic Maya UV layout and Substance Painter tutorials

General / 25 April 2019

Recently a contact here on Artstation checked out my old topology videos, and he wanted to know if I had any UV videos for Maya.  These  videos are  from last year for a class I taught at the School of Visual Arts where we designed/modeled and textured characters using Photoshop, Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, and Marmoset Toolbag:

Finished VR Gallery:

General / 03 April 2019

Added some stuff to the VR gallery.  Cool to see things like this that I have mostly only ever seen digital.