Testing & Learning...

General / 25 September 2020

Testing a bunch of stuff in this video.  

 I continue to be impressed as  long time Maya user with the ease with which Blender can achieve some things.  I tried to middle mouse the other day to rotate the viewport in Maya....  


General / 24 September 2020

A few years ago, I had a great time working on this maquette for Brother Man: Dictator of Discipline.  When I was a teenager, seeing the books by Dawud Anyabwile, and Guy A. Sims really made an impact on me.  It took the kind of comic book style a lot of kids at that age and time loved, and fused it seamlessly with graffiti art style and b-boy culture in a way that resonated with me tremendously.  To think, all these years later, I would be able to communicate with Mr. Anyabwile a pay tribute to his amazing work reminds me there is still wonder in this world, and this morning, I am reflecting on that.  

Hanging with some cool people...

General / 16 September 2020

Weekend Learning Project

General / 07 September 2020

The concept this model was created from is by an artist from Russia named Puba 24.  You can see their great work on ArtstationInstagram and support them on Pateron. 

I wanted to try a new pipeline for a project to quickly visualize a vis-dev version of a small set piece.  The specific goal was to lean to use fspy and the substance painter live-link plug-in.  The full pipeline was:

  • Fspy (camera tracking)>>
  • Maya (modeling, UVs, material assignment)>>
  • substance painter (textures)>>
  • Blender (lighting, composite, render). 

 In the future, I am hoping to cut maya out of the equation more for quick explorations like these. 

The tools I tried using for this project that I described in this video can be found here:

Would you like to see a full tutorial of this process?  If so, which part? drop a comment and let me know.  Thanks for taking a look.

Quick concept for class

General / 28 August 2020

A quick concept for the class I am teaching at Studio Arts.  The painting is over a bl0ck-out model in Zbrush.  


Blender Learning....

General / 12 August 2020

Interview with Siamak...

General / 22 July 2020

I recently was asked to do an interview with the amazing Siamak (https://www.artstation.com/siamakcgm).  It was a great conversation. Warning, it's a super long convo... 

Demo with commentary...

General / 13 July 2020

Last week I was asked to do a demonstration for the organization Diverse Toons.  This group promotes diversity in the arts among young people learning to create using digital tools.  The efforts of this group can lead to many careers in the entertainment industry in the future, simply because young people will get a chance to understand it's possible for them to make a living in the arts.   Here are two snippets of videos I made to prepare for the demonstration:

Some 2D sketching...

Some 3D sketching...

Picking up an old project

Making Of / 10 May 2020

Picking up an old project in my spare time...Texture and modeling are both WIP. 

VR Skull Study

General / 20 November 2019
A recent skull study in anticipation of an upcoming Oculus Medium demo at the Rochester institute of technology. Scroll down for some process time-lapse videos.

After Gathering reference, I blocked out the skull in Oculus Medium.  You can see a short timelapse of this process here:

Once the primary forms were blocked out, I started to add rudimentary details to the skull as shown here:

Next, I exported the skull to Zbrush, where I did a quick Zremesh, UV master, projection and surface Noise treatment.  Here is what the skull looked like at the end of that process:

Next, I dropped the new geometry off to Substance Painter, where I did a quick texture bake, and added some bone-line materials to make skull feel older.  From there, I dropped the low-res model and textures in to Marmoset Tool bag where I lit and did the final shading for this study.  Here is a turntable from marmoset:


Finally, I exported a GTTF file from Marmoset Toolbag to import in to my Oculus home.  This method allows for an export of the model and textures at a reasonable resolution for real-time display in your Oculus Home.