Personal Work: Troll Bust



Troll sculpt timelapse

Troll texture timelapse

Personal Work: Troll Bust

In April of 2020, during the Covid-19 lock down, I had the good fortune of instructing a virtual workshop with some people from the school of visual arts in New York City. The topic was creating creature concepts in 3D, and I used Zbrush to sculpt this creature,Substance Painter to texture it, and Marmoset viewer for the presentation. He is meant to be a companion creature for the troll character I demoed for R.I.T. back in December (perhaps another enemy combatant from the same game). Because of the limited time for this demonstration (3 hours) we went with a bust, instead of a full creature this time, but still touched all the process use to create a creature concept. The workshop was great, and as a former instructor at SVA, I'll always have a great fondness for that place, the staff, the students, and especially my home city, New York. Now, stay your butt home for a while longer. Peace and love to all y'all!

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