Ranger Design
Danny williams ranger

Final design (zbrush/Maya/Photoshop):

Realtime turntable of final design: (zbrush/Maya/Photoshop)

Danny williams 10517443 10204439191765428 3163926297486851036 o

Early body concept: (zbrush)

Danny williams 10517652 10204458945779266 2013823871686430479 o

Early shape exploration for costume: pieces (zbrush)

Danny williams 10550158 10204458937019047 8206069751593016403 o

A shot of retopo and costume textures: (zbrush/maya/photoshop)

Danny williams 10427236 10204378806535835 4822916836741836359 n

face retopo testing:(zbrush/maya/photoshop)

Danny williams 10463680 10204412976910073 5889626480348543895 o

retopo front view:

Danny williams 10497482 10204412976950074 7820119555790928679 o

retopo back view:

Danny williams 10457470 10204413031071427 1736673387754620150 o

retopo front view close-up:

Danny williams 10469065 10204412991230431 4632570957279359547 o

Retopo and UV:

Instruction Demo:
Dynamesh Vs. Zremesher (zbrush)

Instruction Demo: Procedural flaming sword breakdown (Maya)

Instruction Demo: thumbnails (photoshop)

Ranger Design

In 2014 I taught a class on designing characters using 2D and 3D tools. The goal of the course was to showcase techniques artists can use in either dimension to advance a design. After the design was established, the final output was a production ready mesh each artist designed on their own utilizing the principles we discussed in the course. The mesh was then posed and painted to create a digital maquette. This was a really fun course. I also used this piece as a demonstration model at the inaugural Zbrush summit where I was a presenter in 2014.

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