Dino Sketch
Danny williams pointpusher dinomarmo

A Marmoset viewer file of the bust

Danny williams pointpusher dinozbrush

Zbrush screenshots of the bust

A 1.5 hour timelapse of the blocking stage (the most important stage when sculpting, without this stage, the details have nothing to stick to).

Dino Sketch

I teach a class at The School of Visual Arts on using Zbrush to design creatures and characters. In this project, I created a simple shape in Zbrush, and then populated that shape with details later. You can see a realtime timelapse of the block out in Zbrush below the Marmoset file. The UVs are generated using Zbrush's UV Master, and the topology is just from Zrememsher, so this is stricktly a design sculpt with garbage topology and UVs, NOT A PRODUCTION MESH! The total time to create this is signifigantly reduced with the entent of getting client buy-off for general look and shape, so it's just concept. The second half of the course focuses on making the final production mesh. The model is about

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