Cyclops Brute Design

(above:) Cyclops Brute in the buff

Danny williams pointpusher onesheet 2

(above:) Shots of the model. Cyclops Brute by Pointpusher.

Danny williams pointpusher cyclops c

(above:) Shots of some of the textures. Cyclops Brute by Pointpusher.

Cyclops Brute Design

I started this character as a personal learning exercise, but ended up using him as a demo piece for my class at the School of Visual Arts. I used Zbrush for deign and sculpting, Maya for retopo, Marmoset for viewing, substance painter for baking/texturing. I was inspired to create this design by one of the old Ray Harryhausen creatures from the Sinbad movies, and things like the Cave troll from LOTR. I wanted him to feel goofy, but not entirely friendly.

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