Weekend Learning Project

General / 07 September 2020

The concept this model was created from is by an artist from Russia named Puba 24.  You can see their great work on ArtstationInstagram and support them on Pateron. 

I wanted to try a new pipeline for a project to quickly visualize a vis-dev version of a small set piece.  The specific goal was to lean to use fspy and the substance painter live-link plug-in.  The full pipeline was:

  • Fspy (camera tracking)>>
  • Maya (modeling, UVs, material assignment)>>
  • substance painter (textures)>>
  • Blender (lighting, composite, render). 

 In the future, I am hoping to cut maya out of the equation more for quick explorations like these. 

The tools I tried using for this project that I described in this video can be found here:

Would you like to see a full tutorial of this process?  If so, which part? drop a comment and let me know.  Thanks for taking a look.